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Roadside assistance for bicyclists

We are ready to help you with your bicycle

This service is made to help you with your bike on the mountain, in the forest or on the road – almost anywhere in Trysil.  If possible we repair your bike where you are. NOTE we must meet up with you on a road accessible by car.

If we can’t fix your bike quickly on site, we can take it back to our work shop for repair.

We bring spare bikes for loan or hire (See conditions below).

Contact us

+47 62 45 02 00

Download our app «Trysil Bike»

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If you contact us through the APP, Trysil Bike,  you will automatically give us information about where you are located. It makes that we can easily find you when you need help. Trysil Bike is free to download. We recommend you to download before you start your ride. We will keep in contact with you on the phone.

NOTE! If you need first aid, please call 113.


Repair on site NOK 450,- per half hour*.
If repair takes more than 1 hour, we agree on price and book shop repair.

We always agree price before work starts.

*Prices covers labor, spare parts are additional.

Free of charge 1 day, if you book repair of your bike by Trysil Sykkelservice.

NOK 350,- for 1 day if you choose not to book repair by us.

If renting more than 1 day, we agree on price.

Cost to be agreed. From NOK 0.- (in Trysil center).

You can pay with cash, payment card or VIPPS.